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About this Master

It's all,...about innovation! 

It is a two-years accredited program (Master 1 and Master 2) delivered by the University Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) at the Faculty of Science and Technology. This program is recommended for students holding at least a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Computer engineering, Information technology (or similar). Motivated students will deal with Biometrics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, applied in many numerous fields such as:

  1. Medical and healthcare field: measurement and data processing, feature extraction from bio-signals and biomedical images.

  2. Security field: face recognition, fingerprint, etc,  for both identification and verification, etc.

  3. Smart applications: gesture analysis, motion analysis, image and video processing, behavioural feature extraction, etc.

Lectures are provided in English language by an International Education Team. Very qualified professors are involved in this program to provide high quality education level.

What type of skills will you develop during this program
  • ​Technical skills

  1. Data processing (signal/image processing), Computer Vision, Machine-learning, and Artificial Intelligence. 

  2. Application development in Python language. 

  • Non-technical skills

  1. Project management

  2. Research and technical document writing and evaluation. 

What will you be able to achieve after your graduation?

Once graduated, students can join companies as project manager, technical consultant, software system analyst, biometric systems engineer, software application developer, computer vision and artificial intelligent system designer, etc. You can also apply for PhD positions at any university in France, in Europe or in the world.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission

We share knowledge and experience with you, provide you guidance and advice, assist you and motivate you. We give you wings to fly! (A. Nait-ali)

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Master is like a rowboat. We provide the boat and it’s up to you to row to success. If you are confident, motivated, organised and a hard-worker, you will reach the coast,…(A. Nait-ali)

Our program,...check it out,...

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