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I joined master program of Biometric, at University of Creteil in 2014. After I finished my master degree of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Serbia, I wanted to explore something new. I found this program which caught my attention, so I applied.

There, I had opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world with their cultures, which left big impression on me. Also, I had opportunity to work with really good professors, as Prof. Nait-Ali and Prof. Jang. After exams, I started my internship in research laboratory, for six months. I was working on face detectors and how to create it. This was nice experience for me, but also it was my crossroad, where I decide to continue my way with developing and managing.



As data scientist I work with machine learning and data processing techniques on a daily basis. International Biometrics Master gave me solid background in image processing (like filtering, segmentation, object detection etc), machine learning algorithms (both supervised and unsupervised) and development skills. Biometrics Master program helps me to boost my experience as researcher and as developer. And I believe that combination of this two skills is critical to be successful on the very concurrent job market.



I’ve always liked to study in an international environment and have been interested in new topics in science and technology. When I started my master program in Turkey I became actuated with this master program. Opportunity knocks the door once not twice! So, though I was in the middle of the master and it was a big decision to quit, I did! I knew I would regret if I didn’t as this master was exactly what I looked for. During this master, I really gained knowledge and skill in the wide range of topics, one more interesting and practical than another, image processing, programming, RFID and virtual and augmented reality. I really enjoyed the innovative method of studying. decided to continue in Phd.,however this program took me to a higher level and gave me the abilities to continue in the industry too.

Currently, I am doing my last year of Phd. in Lissi laboratory. I am working on a fascinating topic related to the biometrics! And if I had the choice again, I would choose “International Master of Biometrics” with no reservations.



That was the first time abroad for me. There is lot of new things to learn. The professor are helpful and friendly, especially Prof. Amine NAIT-ALI. And i have many friends from different countries with different cultures.



This program has truly been a positive experience for me. I am honored and grateful to have been a part of the International Master of Biometrics at UPEC.

I wanted to equip myself in an interdisciplinary fashion as I have always been interested in more than just one subject. I expected to study everything from digital processing to virtual and augmented reality to world-leading research techniques and I got just the right amount with a group of likeminded people from all over the world.

The program is really flexible and has opportunities to collaborate with Industry and research as an Internship project. It is an eclectic mix of a wide variety of industrial skills one may wish to enhance and a good research foundation one may seek.

With endless opportunities and resources, no matter if one decides to stay in academia or to pursue a career in industry, the International Master of Biometrics is a gateway to success.



I work as a mobile developer today. This involves developing  apps on Android, iOS platforms mainly. International Master of Biometrics gave me a great background knowledge and confidence and opened for me different opportunities  after graduating. I must confess that it was thanks to the internship during this master that I found my way into smartphones  and smart objects where I was developing biometric applications. I made really good friends and many of them are among my best-friends now. The teachers were friendly, approachable and always able to answer my questions. I am happy to be back again to Créteil but this time to bring my work experiences and help students to discover my world of smart devices.



That was the first time abroad for me. There is lot of new things to learn. The professor are helpful and friendly, especially Prof. Amine NAIT-ALI. And i have many friends from different countries with different cultures.

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