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Graduation ceremony 2022-2023

The graduation ceremony for the Master's students was a grand and emotional event. The auditorium was filled with proud family members and friends, all there to celebrate the accomplishments of their loved ones. The ceremony began with a procession of the graduating students, dressed in caps and gowns, as they walked down the aisle to the stage.

The Vice-dean of International affairs of the Faculty of Graduate Studies gave the opening address, congratulating the graduates on their hard work and dedication. He also acknowledged the support of the graduates' families and friends and the contributions of the faculty and staff.

The ceremony's highlight was the conferment of degrees, where each graduate's name was called, and they walked across the stage to receive their diploma from the Vice-dean of International affairs. The graduates also had the opportunity to shake hands with the faculty members, who guided and mentored them throughout their studies.

The ceremony also featured speeches from selected graduates, who shared their experiences and thanked their families, friends, and faculty members for their support. One of the students gave a particularly moving speech, reflecting on the challenges and lessons they learned during their studies.

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